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  Mineral Water - Carbonated/Still - 75cl   £2.70
  Cola / Diet Cola / Bitter Lemon / Lemonade / Orange / Pineapple / Cranberry Juice and Tomato Juice.   £1.20

  Tea per pot - Our own unique special blend.   £1.20
  Coffee - Siciliana's rich medium blend.   £1.40
  Filter coffee - Our own special dark roast blend.   £2.20
Siciliana's Caffe - With our own special touch of cinnamon.   £1.65
Siciliana's Latte - Made with a touch of nutmeg.   £1.75
  Hot Chocolate - Rich and very naughty.   £1.90



  Morena - A pale lager.   £2.80
  Menabrea - A light lager.   £2.70
  Moretti - A light golden lager.   £2.70
  Peroni Red - A light beer.   £2.80
  Peroni Gran Riserva - A Dortmunder style beer.   £3.40
  Nastro Azzurro - A premium lager.   £3.40
  Messina - A delicate light lager.   £2.80
Becks - A full rich zero-alcohol malt beer.   £2.70
Obolon - A Ukrainian premium zero-alcohol pale beer.   £2.70

House red or white  - 75cl  £10.30
 - half bottle   £5.70
 - by the glass   £2.50
House Champagne - dry, light and fruity.  £25.20
Bollinger - Brut Special Cuvée.  £49.00


Grappa - A grape based pomace brandy.   £2.70
Limoncello - Bright, lemon spirit.   £2.70
Orangecello - Bright, orange spirit.   £2.70
Other spirits from   £2.20
Spirits with mixer from   £2.70


Amaretto Gozio - Made with almonds and spices.   £2.70
Cynar - A bittersweet infusion of artichokes and herbs.   £2.70
Mirto Tremontis - A taste of Sardinia made with Myrtle berries.   £2.70
Ramazzotti - A tonic made with rhubarb, herbs, cinnamon and the finest Sicilian orange peel.   £2.70
Sambuca - An infused spirit made with the best Sicilian aniseed and elderberries. Served in a liqueur glass with three roasted coffee beans floating on top. Then set alight to warm it a little. Blow out the flames and enjoy!   £2.70
Cannellata - A delicious almond milk drink with a little cinnamon spice.   £2.70

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