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Pesce spada al forno - Swordfish made with lemons, herbs and a little hot red pepper then baked to perfection.




Sarde a beccafico - Stuffed sardines with capers, sultanas, almonds, black olives, anchovies,lemons and herbs and baked golden brown.




Pesce spada alla Messinese - Finest swordfish steaks with tomatoes, onions, olives, capers and herbs then baked on a bed of sliced potatoes.




Polipetti in tegame - Stewed moscardini with tomatoes, onion, herbs and garlic in white wine and a little hot red pepper.




Pesce spada a cotoletta - Fabulous swordfish cutlets fried in breadcrumbs with garlic and herbs.




Seppie in tegame - A smothered cuttlefish with tomatoes, garlic, white wine and herbs.




Baccala in sfincione - Salt cod baked in tomato sauce with black olives, onions and herbs.




Sgombri in cotoletta - Mackerel cutlets marinaded with hot red peppers and deep fried in breadcrumbs.




Alici del convento delle benedettine - A gratin of anchovies served with green olives, capers and that special Siciliana citrus touch.




Tonno con le cipolle e l'aceto - Tuna served in a vinegar and onion sauce with green olives, tomatoes and capers.


  Alici All'Agrodolce - Anchovies served in a sweet and sour sauce with herbs and garlic.   6.70

Some dishes may contain traces of nuts.


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